Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seals and sea turtles on the verge of extinction

Global warming is not just causing polar bears to die, but seals as well. According to" many seals are losing their habitats because of global warming. While many species are able to adapt to the new climate changes, and easily migrate to a different and secure location, this is a whole different concept for seals. The option of moving to conditions away from the poles doesn't go well with seals because they need the ice to stay alive. Many seals are actually drowning swimming large distances to find ice.
Bearded seal on thin ice

"Sea turtles are also being dramatically affected by global warming. Some of their precious beach nesting sites will disappear because of global warming. Scientists think that nearly a third of beaches used by turtles in the Caribbean could be lost during this century."states
Warmer seas caused by global warming could make many turtles become entierly female during breeding. Why? well water temperature for sea turtles strongly affects the sex ratio of there hatch lings. Only producing female turtles, will of course make no more offspring because they cant produce on there own.
Another problem is global warming is striking these poor animals so rapidly that they don't have the time to adapt and evolve new strategies for survival. We can help by speaking out to the president becoming activists and giving donations to trusted companies that will preserve their habitat and maintain their life cycle.


Monday, October 22, 2007

What global warming is and how its affecting our enivornment.

"Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation.(
Global warming is affecting everything in the environment. It increases sea level thus covering many islands. When this happens the water covers the plants and causes them to die. You can see that once one chain is broken everything around it is affected and this is what global warming is causing to Earth.
Oceans of course are also affected. Global warming is causing them to get warmer, which is killing the algae in the ocean. This algae is a producer(makes own food) and is used as food for many consumers. These consumers are fish crabs and many more, how does this affect us?
Well, humans and fishing markets depend on fish because its a valuable source of protein.
Global warming is doing as much catastrophic damage to people as it is to animals. Humans, trees,oceans,animals everything is part of our life cycle, but global warming is disturbing such cycle. Global warming is actually causing plants & trees to dry completely causing them to actually set on fire. Its effects right now are devastating just imagine later on how it will affect not just us but everything that coexists.