Monday, December 10, 2007

Climate Change & Advertisement

Global Warming ads have been shown on television and known sites such as The Environmental Defense has displayed these ads to send out a message that implies "if you continue like this we are all doomed". One advertisement called "Tick" shows children saying tick as if they were a time bomb. This shows that maybe our generation wont be affected a lot by global warming but future generations will.
Environmental Defense states "We've launched this campaign as a wake-up call. Global warming is the most serious environmental challenge of our time. It is more urgent and its dangers are more fundamental than most Americans realize. This campaign seeks to educate Americans about how quickly we must act, and give concrete steps that people can incorporate into their lives to fight global warming."(Environmental Defense ). I couldn't agree more we need to ACT NOW!!.
One ad that I really like is the "Train". A man is talking on the tracks while the train is coming fast behind him, symbolizing how fast the global warming is going to effect us. Then at the last few seconds before he gets ht he moves out the way and we see a child was behind him. The message shows its really going to come hard to our sons and daughters, and we need to control it.
The Ad Council and are using these advertisements and showing them on broadcasting stations that many viewers watch so they can broaden their audience. People really need to see visually how global warming is affecting us. Here is an ad from

GreenPeace Human Life Commercial


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