Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Everything's Cool

"The fossil fuel industry doesn’t care who wins or loses the debate about the reality of global warming, as long as the public continues to feel that it is debatable."( , is something to think about when you watch the 2007 movie Everything's Cool. Everything's Cool is a documentary that traces the politics of global warming back to 1987!!.
It shows that as long as people still see global warming as a debatable issue we will never see progress, in order words doubt causes delay. "In the film, America "gets" global warming a time when scientific understanding and political action were hand in hand. The movie describes a group of global warming messengers that are on a quest to find a symbolic image that will cause people in the United States to go from relieing on fossil fuels to the new clean energy economy as fast as possible.
I personally loved the film because unlike An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, which by the way is a GREAT FILM."Everything's Cool looks like a film made 10 years ago, when ice caps were solid, so it really shows the problem of making America aware even back then" I would recommend everyone watch these group of activists as they go on a journey to show the climatic catastrophe of global warming.


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