Wednesday, November 21, 2007

George W.Bush and the "Bush Plan"

Now that my viewers have clear view about what global warming is and how its affecting our environment I think it's time to discuss what our "democratic" government is doing to help and assist with such problem.
Before I discuss what the "Bush Plan" is, first I want to mention Bush's history with global warming. In recent years Bush has consistently opposed any plan that involves specific targets(companies and businesses) as well as binding commitments(contracts). In other words he will not impose a law and enforce it for global warming.
The "Bush Plan" states the United States will host a series of talks with the 15 nations that emit the greatest amount of greenhouse gases, including nations like China and India. The aim for such series of talks is to make an agreement that will replace the Kyoto protocol which will expire on 2010. However of course knowing Bush the goal would be “aspirational” and, therefore, voluntary. "There would be no binding commitments, and each nation would be free to devise its own strategies for meeting the goal."(Bush Plan)
This "plan" just shows how much Bush cares about global warming I mean he wants to illustrate a series of "voluntary" talks , if he really cared about it instead of Iraq he wouldn't talk about what to do with the epidemic but instead take action, because its coming at us fast we have to react now before its too late.

This is just one environmentalists view about Bush's plan:

“We have a very clear sense about what the President won't do to fight global warming, but he refuses to say what action he is willing to take,” said Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club(environmental activist group). “We know the Bush administration has opposed the Kyoto treaty and spurned past offers of other countries to work together to solve global warming. We also know he refuses to take the action and implement the solutions that will make the United States the leader on this issue, and he continues to encourage his agencies to ignore their own scientists' warnings. "Instead, we have seen delay after delay with calls for more talk and more research when the facts are already in.”


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