Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Climate Changes affecting UK and Migratory Birds

Global Warming is causing birds to die especially those in UK. "Hundreds of thousands of Scottish seabirds have failed to breed this summer in a wildlife catastrophe which is being linked by scientists directly to global warming." Due to climate changes these birds didn't breed a single young for months. The rise in temperature has caused the sand eel-a fish in which many birds and animals depend to disappear. In Orkney the sandeels have shrank rapidly through the years causing mass starvation to birds and other animals alike that depend on this fish as a source of food.
One type of bird called the guillemots has in what seems to be unbelievable produced no young at all!!!!!. "More than 172,000 breeding pairs of guillemots were recorded in the islands in the last national census, Seabird 2000, whose results were published this year; this summer the birds have produced almost no young, according to Peter Ellis, Shetland area manager for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).
("These birds have a high of 72% extinction rate with other animals if we don't try to end such events from occurring". Places like Europe's Mediterranean coastal wetlands a critical habitat for migratory birds will be completely destroyed by the 2080s.


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