Thursday, November 8, 2007


Global warming is severely affecting humans. Not only are sea levels rising but with temperature and heat increasing it seems our very existence is doomed. For example people who live in Manhattan and some parts of Brooklyn are going to have to move because its going to be submerged. In the near future Florida some parts of Europe will as well. Why?
Well, we know it's because of Global Warming however its more complicated then that. Antarctica the continent full of ice and Greenland contribute solely for their water and resources. Imagine the ice of these two areas melt our sea level will rise dramatically. As shown in Al Gore's film "The Inconvenient Truth" people are displayed as frogs when we touch heat we are going to react quickly to it. If this heat however gradually goes from a low temperature and speeds up we wouldn't notice it in time. We have to react quickly because its not just our existence that's in peril but all life forms as well.
The Boiling Frog

Heat waves will come more often and the lives of millions of people are going to be lost. Droughts and floods will occur at the same time and so will other weather diasters. Just like in the fictional film "The Day after Tomorrow" hurricanes,tsunamis, and typhoons will occur rapidly just like in that movie. We have to really approach this as a national matter and it should come first before any foolish instances like raising false flags and portraying an idealistic government who's only goal is total world conquest.


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