Monday, November 5, 2007

Fish Threatened

As global temperature rises cold water fish are dieing. Why? because of streams, flowing water that's clear and most importantly cold. However due to Global Warming these cold streams that contain trout and salmon are increasing in temperature threatening these helpless fish.
"Global warming is likely to spur the disappearance of trout and salmon from as much as 18 to 38 percent of their current habitat by the year 2090. The study also found that habitat loss for individual species could be as high as 17 percent by 2030, 34 percent by 2060 and 42 percent by 2090 -- if emissions of heat-trapping pollution such as carbon dioxide are not reduced." states
All because these cold water fish need to stay in a environment that's between 50 to 65 degrees and warming of the earth is disrupting their environmental lifestyle. This is just another example of habitat loss and thus a possible extinction of species we all need. Not just humans but animals alike that depend on these fish for food.
Global Warming is destroying other ecosystems of fish as well such as those that are in the tropics and on the "Great Barrier Reef". These fish are starving because climate changes are killing their food supply.


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